Winner of the 2018 Mark Ritzenhein New Author Award, Isabella J Mansfield's chapbook, The Hollows of Bone, follows a central theme of anxiety, with spotlights on loneliness, body image and apathy. 

2019 Pushcart Prize Nominee

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"Mansfield's unique voice demands to be heard. Slices of life explode from the page to the stage." - Alan Harris, author of Fall Ball and Hospice Bed Conversations

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Raw, powerful, and stunning, Mansfield’s poetry gives words to feelings previously ineffable.

-Amazon Review 

There is strength, courage and compassion in her simplicity of capturing all the rough edges of life. There were a few poems that I felt like she had somehow seen the very essence of my own anxiousness and lack of confidence. - Amazon Review

Isabella writes poems about things my friends and I care about - anxiety, yes, but also Halloween in retail stores, the ease of bruising, and sexual activities in parking lots. This book would make Emily Dickinson blush, and then laugh out loud and buy shots for everyone.

- Amazon Review

"The poems are short, real and readable. I found something in each one that resonated with me." - Amazon Review

"the depth in Mansfield's poetry fills your imagination with vivid memories." - Amazon Review

This is a book filled with words, crafted into poetry, hewn from hurt. Verses about feeling lost, feeling loss; getting mad and getting over it. Lines and stanzas sculpted around nerves and anxiety, secrets and little white lies. It's waxing lyrical about deciphering mixed messages (or sending them), flirting and being vindictive. They speak of finding confidence and rediscovering strength against the odds. And also about a puppy.

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Currently out of print - please contact Isabella to purchase

"I enjoyed the variety of poems present in this book. Some were thought-provoking, some were almost sad, others made me smile; I found them relatable." -Goodreads User review

"Sometimes, you can't keep words from pleasingly bruising your brain. These did." - Goodreads User Review

Unexpected imagery and lyrical language come together in a collection by spirited new poet Isabella J Mansfield, At Arm's Length. Themes of love and loss intertwine with cleverness, creating a work that's both compelling and relevant. Mansfield's innate command of playful turns of wording gives each poem an infusion of light, even when dealing with darker subject matter. At Arm's Length is a polished and page-turning debut.

Paperback $8

Currently out of print - please contact Isabella to purchase